When PayTo launches in mid-2022 it will be able to be used for payments in all kinds of places.

Some of Australia’s leading payment services providers and fintechs are working with a wide range of partners and merchants to enable PayTo across a broad range of industry sectors, including:

  • Leading Australian insurers and energy retailers that will be offering PayTo for utility bill payment and the collection of insurance premiums.

  • Membership Management platforms in the Health and Fitness industry, who will make it easy for a wide range of Gyms and Fitness studios to accept recurring and one-off payments using PayTo.

  • Education Software providers, allowing education organisations to accept PayTo as a payment method for their students.

  • Property Management Software platforms who will allow tenants to use PayTo as a method to pay their rent.

More information about the places these payment services providers and fintechs are enabling with PayTo will be available soon. 

Transform your business with PayTo

To find out more about how your business could use PayTo to initiate real time payments speak to a Payment Initiator about integrating with PayTo.


Established in 2019, Azupay is an Australian fintech focused on payment solutions using the New Payments Platform (NPP) technology, specialising in real-time payments using NPP and PayID to help government, business and consumers pay and get paid faster. www.azupay.com.au


Eway is a global omnichannel payment provider, processing ecommerce payments for merchants through a secure and reliable online payment gateway that makes it easy to accept payments from anyone, anywhere, from any device. www.eway.com.au


Ezidebit is one of Australia's leading online payment solution provider specialising in securely collecting Direct Debit, BPAY, EFTPOS and real-time payments for businesses. www.ezidebit.com


As one of Australia’s leading subscription payment providers, Ezypay offers a suite of easy-to-use subscription management services through their cloud-based payment platform, making it easy for businesses to settle payments and generate revenue through a standalone web interface, or directly integrated into a range of industry specific partner platforms. www.ezypay.com.au


GoCardless is a global leader in account-to-account payments, helping businesses accelerate the collection and management of recurring and one-off payments directly from customers’ bank accounts. With a global payments network and technology platform, GoCardless processes US$30 billion of payments for 65,000 businesses across more than 30 countries every year. www.gocardless.com


Monoova supports scaling businesses with large, and often complex, ongoing transaction flows to fully automate how they receive, manage, pay and request payment of funds through one simple API integration. Its proprietary platform allows businesses to access a variety of payments functions, comprehensive reconciliation and reporting options and entirely customised real-time data. www.monoova.com

Paypa Plane

Australian fintech Paypa Plane helps banks and PSPs rapidly evolve product offerings without changing existing infrastructure through it’s simple ‘plug-in’ over the top bank-grade platform and white-label solutions, helping banks and PSPs create closer, more valuable and long term relationships with their small and medium business customers. www.paypaplane.com


Zai helps mid-market and enterprise-level business customers in the world of integrated financial services automate complex payment workflows and reconcile pay ins and payouts, helping them operate more effectively by saving time and money so they can scale and grow. www.hellozai.com

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