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New Payments Platform

Your gateway to the NPP

We are proud to be one of the financial institutions working to build and govern the New Payments Platform (NPP) infrastructure in Australia.

Launching in early 2018, the NPP will automate payments, allowing them to move in real-time. The NPP infrastructure will also support a wide range of ‘overlay’ services which will offer customers additional payments functionality.

Our NPP solution offers you simple and cost-effective access to the NPP, as well as closed-loop payments through our ‘On-Us’ processing.

Your NPP partner
As a long-time provider of innovative and reliable payment solutions, we have a deep understanding of the payments landscape along with strong industry relationships.

We’re excited about the future of payments and we’re partnering with banking system providers, payments facilitators and digital businesses to provide clients and their customers with enriching customer payment experiences through the NPP.

Our dedicated NPP staff of technical, product and marketing experts will ensure our clients are among the first to offer their customers immediate, convenient and assured payments around the clock.

NPP for financial institutions

As the NPP approaches, it’s more important than ever to be prepared.

As a financial institution, adapting to the changing market is crucial. In order to compete, you need to make adjustments so you are capable of dealing with today’s faster digital world.

The NPP will bring greater economic activity, more opportunities and create a level playing field for financial institutions – it’s time to get involved.

Why Cuscal?
Payments technology and banking services are our specialty. For more than 40 years we have been working alongside our clients (more than 70 financial institutions) to deliver products and services which help them adapt to a changing payments landscape. Now, as change accelerates and digital disruption makes fundamental changes to the industry it’s important to choose a partner, like Cuscal, which has the industry partnerships, scale and expertise to help you take advantage of all the benefits the NPP has to offer.

We know that payments and the digital experience play a critical part in enhancing customer relationships, that’s why we continue to stay at the forefront of industry trends, bringing our clients the latest payments technology their customers expect.

Our NPP Solution will offer:

  • The opportunity to reduce costs: with shared participation and operations and  simplifying your back office operations
  • On-Us community: our clients will join a community of interest to fine-tune usage and collaborate on overlay services. More than 30 of our financial institution clients have already committed to connect to the NPP via Cuscal.
  • Control: flexible solutions to connect, create and control your customers’ user experiences
  • Expertise: we are the largest payments solution partner connecting directly to the NPP and we maintain a dedicated team of NPP payments solution experts.

NPP for non-financial institutions

Take advantage of real-time payments.

The NPP will enable fast, versatile and data-rich payments between Australian financial institutions, consumers and businesses.

At Cuscal we can help you take advantage of real-time payments by partnering with you to provide NPP solutions that work for your business. With the NPP there will be no more waiting on payments to clear or wondering whether the right vendor has been paid.

Why Cuscal?
Payments technology and solutions are our speciality. With over 40 years working to help our clients adapt to a changing banking and payments industry, and more than 100 clients from a range of different industries, we have the industry partnerships, scale and expertise to help you take advantage of every benefit the NPP has to offer.

As a payments solutions expert, we have all the processes you’ve come to expect – while being agile enough to provide you with the personalised solutions, attentive service and easy integration that your business needs.

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