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BPAY Scheme

A simple, fast and convenient way for your customers to pay bills

4BPAY® is an electronic bill payment service offered by most Australian financial institutions that provides a convenient, fast and easy way for customers to pay their bills. More than 150 financial institutions are BPAY Scheme Members and BPAY can be used to pay more than 45,000 bills.

BPAY services
As a Participant Member of the BPAY Scheme we provide sponsorship, file processing and settlement services that enable financial institutions and similar organisations to participate as Members of the BPAY Scheme.

  • Associate Member – Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs) are eligible for Associate Membership of the BPAY Scheme. There are no transaction thresholds defined by BPAY to become an Associate Member
  • Payer Institution Member – Payer Institution Members (PIMs) are organisations other than ADIs, that manage accounts for customers. They have a ‘store of value’ that a BPAY payment can be made from, such as superannuation funds and mortgage originators, amongst others.

Cuscal – a proven BPAY partner
We currently sponsor more than 60 financial institutions into the BPAY Scheme and we processed more than 22 million BPAY transactions on behalf of our clients last year. This gives us the expertise to quickly integrate new clients and then process their payments reliably and efficiently.

We have established interfaces with all major banking systems so our clients can process BPAY payments ‘straight-through’ from their digital banking channels and core banking system to the BPAY central processor via Cuscal.

We support our clients by representing them in the BPAY Management and Marketing Committees and giving them access to marketing toolkits and campaigns and BPAY training materials.

We also provide comprehensive back-office functions supporting enquiries, reporting, error corrections, and reversal processing.

BPAY View enables financial institutions to enhance customer relationships by providing an integrated bill presentment and payment service offering value added features that leverage internet and mobile banking.

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