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Cuscal Banking Services

Specialist banking services for all your payment needs

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist banking services including settlement, dispute resolution, reporting and reconciliation for all payment streams, accounting for 99% of non-cash transactions in Australia.

We support all the following payment types: cheques, electronic funds transfer and direct debits, BPAY, debit and credit cards, real-time payments (NPP), ATMs, high value payments and PEXA property transactions. These services are complemented by our comprehensive switching, fraud and compliance.

Our aim is to make things easy for clients to maintain their core banking needs with us. We do this by weaving the different services together into one unified service, reducing complexity and points of contact and saving clients time and money.

We keep our clients’ businesses running smoothly and securely by drawing on our 50+ years of experience in financial services and our deep relationships with all of the major financial institutions, card schemes and government regulators.

We have around 120 clients, all with slightly different needs. So we know that we can integrate new clients quickly, whatever their current arrangements or technological requirements.


  • Market settlement
    Each day we meet the settlement obligations of our clients arising from the principle retail payment clearing systems: Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS), Consumer Electronic Clearing System (CECS), Direct Entry and BPAY, as well as for Visa, Mastercard and China UnionPay. In addition, we offer real-time settlement of RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) payments including real-time payments (NPP).
  • Client settlement
    Debits and credits arising from each client’s settlements are consolidated in a single account, enabling them to benefit from a single view of their net settlement position throughout the day.

Dispute resolution
Our robust dispute resolution settlement platform helps your customers to manage discrepancies and dispute irregular transactions. By enabling your customers to log in to our portal directly, we make it easy for them to settle and track their own claims online. Services include:

  • Visa, Mastercard and China UnionPay charge-backs
  • BPAY error corrections and investigations
  • Direct Entry recalls / traces and mistaken internet payments
  • ATM and eftpos disputes

Reporting and reconciliation
Daily reconciliation of settlements and granular reporting of transactions gives clients the assurance they need when checking account balances, and investigating discrepancies.

Cash management
We help our clients to make their money work smarter with a range of account products, including on-call and term deposit facilities.

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