Improve customer loyalty

Customer acquisition and retention are an important part of any business. With our analytics and insights, we partner with you to help you make better decisions for customer growth, retention and performance.

Our own in-house developed switch channels the transactions of over 100 financial institutions from all over Australia. This gives us access to a unique data set which covers all geographic and demographic groups in Australia. We compare this with other data sources to give our clients a comprehensive look at their business and how it is faring against the competition.

Benchmarking, modelling and other more innovative reports
Our benchmark reports, which compare our clients’ customer base value, products and channels with their peer group and the wider industry, have been used by our clients for almost a decade.

We have also developed more innovative reports that look at member transaction performance across different merchant categories. For example comparing card vs digital payment methods, purchasing times of day and more complex reports which examine a multitude of different demographic data.

We have created accurate models to assist acquisition, retention, defection mitigation, cross-sell and relationship scoring, to help you manage your customer base effectively.

Market Insights

We utilise Cuscal’s depth of internal data sources to provide strategic and commercial value to our clients.

By analysing the spending behaviours and payments trends across the nation we can provide insights for every level of your organisation. From high-level insights at a national level to customer level information for your individual organisation.

Our analysis will give you a chance to deepen your understanding of the payments industry and learn how your peers are performing. You’ll be able to see how your organisation compares to the competition, along with gaining insights into the transactional behaviour of your customers.

Market Benchmarking

See how you measure up to the competition.

Our benchmarking service allows you to understand where you fit in the competitive landscape relative to your peers.

With a wealth of data at our fingertips, we can provide you with a comprehensive range of benchmarking services that compare industry performance data relative to your financial institution – allowing you to identify areas for development and improvement.

Our centralised data warehouse is updated each month with customer data from 70 organisations and across disparate banking platforms. Data from these varied sources is made compatible and comparable, giving you the ability to benchmark against competitors at minimal cost.

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