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Digital Payment APIs

Access our technology via our APIs

We offer access to many of our mobile banking features via application programming interfaces (APIs) so that our clients and partners can integrate our cutting edge mobile technology with their own products and systems.

Currently we offer the following APIs:

The Pays API
Our Pays API will allow your cardholders to use Google PayTM and Apple Pay for contactless purchases from their portable devices, as well as online and in-app purchasing where available.

Find out more about mobile payments.

PIN services API
The PIN Services API allows your cardholders to set, verify or change their PINs.

Future APIs
We are committed to continuing to offer our clients access to our technology via APIs and we are currently working on APIs for card controls, which allow cardholders to temporarily lock and unlock their cards, cardless ATM withdrawal and Visa Direct APIs. As we continue to enhance our mobile and digital offering, more APIs will be available.

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.
Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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