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Debit Card Issuing & Processing

Debit cards give your customers secure, convenient and easy access to their own money in a variety of different ways.

As a trusted and experienced debit card provider for businesses of all sizes, we can take the complexity out of your debit card program and give you access to established and robust processing and settlement systems.

A trusted and reliable partner

We’ve been delivering reliable payment solutions to financial institutions and businesses for over 50 years. With a wealth of experience in managing and delivering custom debit card products, we have the specialist knowledge and resources to manage all scheme, regulator and switching and settlement requirements for you. With Cuscal we can get your debit card to market more quickly, with less fuss.

We offer two types of debit cards:

Visa Debit
A Visa Debit card gives your customers safe and reliable access to their own money in a multitude of different ways and locations around Australia and the world. Visa also offers contactless transactions with Visa payWave and protects your customers’ money with Visa’s Zero Liability Policy.

Visa Debit Platinum
Visa Platinum Debit could help you develop new revenue streams, strengthen existing customer relationships and expand your reach into the lucrative upscale customer market. It addresses the needs of customers who are looking for premium service, exclusive access and value for money. It gives cardholders access to superior buying benefits, valuable time-saving services and special travel and entertainment offers. All these benefits are available while using their own money.

Your debit card on The Pays (Apple Pay, Google Pay TM and Samsung Pay)
Our clients were among the first financial institutions to be able to offer their cardholders the choice of Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay in Australia. Our ‘Pays’ solution is fully integrated with our mobile banking app and is also available via API. It allows our clients’ cardholders to register their debit and credit cards into each of  The Pays  giving them the edge in the battle to remain top of the mobile wallet.

If you currently switch your debit or credit cards through Cuscal we can also allow your cardholders to use Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Find out more about mobile payments.

Cuscal’s rediCARD is a white-label debit cards that allow you to feature your own branding on the card plastic, while giving your customers access to every ATM and eftpos terminal in Australia. A PLUS-branded rediCARD also allows your customers to access their own funds at over 1.9 million ATM’s in 200 countries around the world.

Our card suite offers the following features and benefits:

  • Access to the Visa local and global network
  • Access to the eftpos network in Australia
  • Significant cost savings and reduced effort in set up and establishment costs as a result of using our tried and tested processes
  • Speed to market
  • Complete back office system including settlement, dispute resolution and compliance
  • Access to support services such as fraud management and marketing consultation
  • Comprehensive card production support including card design, scheme approval, PIN generation and card distribution
  • Representation on the Visa Executive and Operational Committees

Optional debit card services
One of the benefits of working with Cuscal is that we have a holistic debit card offering but it’s set up in a modular way so you can pick and choose the add-on services which suit you. Take a look at our card services page to see a description of our full range of card services including card management and production and BIN sponsorship and management.

You can also give your clients the card protection they need as well as the customer service they’ve come to expect with Vigil, our robust and flexible fraud-monitoring program.

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