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Credit Card Issuing & Processing

At Cuscal we provide our clients with an extensive range of credit card products and services, including a full-featured credit card, as well as innovative credit card issuing and processing services.

We have been issuing and managing cards on behalf of our clients for over 50 years and we currently manage a portfolio of around 7.5 million cards. This wealth of experience in managing and delivering custom credit card products gives us the specialist knowledge and resources to manage all scheme, regulator, switching and settlement requirements for you. This allows us to get your credit card to market more quickly, with less fuss.

Credit cards
We offer a range of low-fee, low-rate and reward credit cards, which we issue on behalf of our clients, but what we really focus on is making things easy. Over the years we’ve fine-tuned our product offering to make things simpler and more streamlined, so it takes new clients less time to get up and running and costs less to keep things going.

We are able to support issuers with their own Card Management System or alternatively provide a full-featured, configurable platform. Our products and services are PCI compliant and deliver market-leading value.

The way we do this is by offering a core credit card offering, with access to the Mastercard and Visa global networks, but then a whole range of additional features and services which our clients can pick and choose to complement their own resources.

Our additional services are:

  • Scheme sponsorship via Mastercard or Visa
  • Card production and management
  • Back office – settlement, dispute resolution and compliance
  • Fraud risk management
  • Marketing consultation
  • Loyalty programs
  • Access to leading digital apps
  • After-hours customer support (including emergency card replacement and cash advance support)
  • rediATM network access
  • For Platinum Card only: concierge services

Credit card processing services (Cuscal CMS)
We can also provide our clients with a leading credit card processing and issuance platform. This platform allows you to control and deploy a highly competitive credit card offering which is customised to meet your needs. The platform has a range of promotional and product features including:

  • Balance transfers offers
  • Purchase rate offers
  • Reward points offers
  • Discounted annual fees
  • Ability to offer a range of product types including:
    • Standard or Platinum Mastercard
    • Rewards, Low Rate or Low fee Credit Cards
  •  Access to a leading rewards platform that includes:
    • A reward points program that will motivate cardholders to consolidate spend with you through points issuance
    • Extensive range of rewards for customers to select including gift cards, merchandise, cashback and travel
    • A dedicated rewards website and call centre to service customer reward requests
  • Ability for issuers to service customers with a user-friendly and intuitive system
  • Reporting and analysis across all areas of the credit card program

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