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ATM Scheme - rediATM

The rediATM Scheme is owned and operated by Cuscal. If you join the Scheme your cardholders will have direct charge free access to more than 1,800 ATMs across Australia. 

You’ll also be a part of a network that’s backed by  more than 30 well-known financial institutions, all working together to provide ATM access to their customers.

Why more financial institutions choose rediATM
In order to remain competitive as a financial institution you need to provide your customers with affordable, secure and convenient access to their cash.

Through the rediATM scheme we support our clients with:

  • Branding – our rediATMs have a consistent look and feel, so cardholders can easily identify them. You also have the opportunity to tailor the rediATM screens with your branding after your cardholders insert their cards.
  • Deployment – the rediATM guidelines promote fair deployment and optimal coverage.
  • Marketing – we execute marketing campaigns to ensure cardholders know, trust and value the rediATM brand, attracting as much transaction volume as possible to our network.
  • Pricing – rediATMs provide your cardholders with access to their money free from direct charges.

Contact us if you work for a financial institution that wants to:

  • Give its cardholders access to one of Australia’s largest ATM networks
  • Join your ATMs to the rediATM Scheme

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