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ATM Monitoring, Maintenance & Cash Services

Supporting your ATM network with additional services

In addition to providing ATM hardware and software, we also offer a full suite of optional services to support your ATMs. From ATM monitoring to site lease management, we are here to support and optimise the success of your ATMs.

The majority of our ATM services are operated in-house which gives you greater reliability and consistency, fewer points of contact, fewer places for things to go wrong and quicker fixes if they do.

Our expertise at ATM management has been gained through over 50 years of helping our clients’ customers with safe, convenient access to their funds. We manage the rediATM network, and drive and switch over 35% of Australia’s ATMs.

ATM Monitoring

To ensure our clients receive the highest quality real-time monitoring service, we conduct all of our ATM monitoring in-house. We are locally based in Australia so our clients deal directly with us to address any issues. We provide 24/7 ATM monitoring services and respond with real-time incident management. We monitor communication and hardware issues, cash-out scenarios and investigate ATM downtimes so you don’t have to.

Cash Management

We can help you manage your ATM and branch cash flow with cash forecasting and delivery for ATMs and branches. We offer a fully managed, but cost-effective nationwide ATM and branch cash management service. This allows your business to provide a reliable ATM and branch cash solution, without having to manage the complex operational requirements of an ATM and branch network. Our cash management service will help with:

  • Forecasting optimal levels of cash for ATMs
  • ATM balancing – reconciling cash usage to ATM journals and host reporting
  • EFT disputes managed through to resolution
  • Journals stored for seven years in compliance with regulatory requirements

ATM Maintenance

We provide a complete ATM maintenance solution which delivers maximum ATM uptime. It includes ATM fault management, preventative maintenance, parts and repair, troubleshooting and ancillary services. Benefits of our service:

  • One supplier eliminates the need for escalations between suppliers and coordination between guards and technicians
  • Highly trained technicians are able to resolve most issues
  • Preventative maintenance is performed at each visit
  • One annual fee per device, including complete line maintenance (CLM) guarding, makes it easier to budget for your maintenance costs

Our maintenance service is a total solution which looks after all aspects of ATM maintenance. However, if you would like to provide first line maintenance on your ATMs we can step in and act as an escalation point for second line maintenance and repair.

Site Lease Management

We can make end-to-end site lease negotiations for your ATM site. From site recommendations to rate negotiations, we can help ensure you receive the optimal spot and pricing for your ATM. We have the expertise and experience to help you navigate your site lease and make decisions that help you stay competitive.

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