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At Cuscal we aspire to achieve a risk culture where compliance with relevant laws, including legislative requirements, industry codes, Cuscal policies and procedures, our Code of Conduct as well as standards of good corporate governance, ethics and community expectations are treated with the highest importance. Identifying potential misconduct and other serious matters can result in improved morale within Cuscal as well as more effective management and providing a great service to our clients.

We encourage our employees and external parties to ‘call out’ any observed misconduct or mismanagement and to communicate with us promptly, without fear or favour. Cuscal provides a range of trusted communication avenues to allow those who want to raise concerns to do so with appropriate support and protection. These range from having an informal conversation with a Manager to use of our dedicated Cuscal Ethical Disclosure Alert (CEDA). CEDA is a web-based reporting service provided by Deloitte which is available to any individual who is, or has been a director, employee, contractor, consultant, supplier, service provider, volunteer or auditor for Cuscal. Relatives, dependents or spouses of those individuals can also raise concerns through this channel.

Cuscal Whistleblower Policy
It is critical that individuals feel appropriately protected when reporting matters and that they will not be subject to any adverse treatment or adverse repercussion. Cuscal has a comprehensive Whistleblower Policy which is designed to encourage, support and protect individuals when reporting misconduct, knowing that it is safe to do so.

Our Whistleblower Policy covers all reportable conduct, including any action which:

  • is corrupt, fraudulent or otherwise illegal;
  • is contrary to, or a breach of any Cuscal policy or our Code of Conduct;
  • involves a substantial mismanagement of Company resources;
  • involves substantial risk to health or safety as well as to the environment;
  • involves substantial risk to Cuscal’s reputation or value; and
  •  involves coercion, manipulation, threat or inducements offered to compel someone affiliated with Cuscal to perform any of the acts listed above.

Cuscal has a Whistleblower Wellbeing Officer whose role is to oversee the protection and wellbeing of whistleblowers. Cuscal’s Executive Risk and Compliance Committee (ERCO) (which includes Cuscal’s Leadership Team), oversees the effectiveness of our Whistleblower program.

How to report misconduct?
There are number of ways that our employees and other parties associated with Cuscal can report any concern about conduct they believe is not right.

External parties can:

In addition to the above Cuscal employees can also:

  • have a conversation with their manager;
  • speak to a member of our leadership team;
  • raise an anonymous Whistleblower record in Cuscal’s risk and compliance system.

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