Industry Alliances and Representation

For more than 40 years we have been using our network of relationships to represent the interests of our clients on government and industry boards, committees and associations.

We have longstanding, productive working relationships with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), the Australian Payments and Clearing Association (APCA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). We also have bilateral agreements with all major Australian banks and close partnerships with Visa International, Mastercard and BPAY.

We represent the views of our clients in the following groups:

  • APCA Board
  • APCA RBA Review Expert Group
  • APCA Card Payments Forum
  • ATM Access Australia Limited
  • ATM Access Steering Committee
  • eftpos Access Australia Limited
  • NPP Australia Ltd Board

APCA Committees

  • APCA Management Committee 1¬†Australian Paper Clearing System¬† (APCS)
  • APCA Management Committee 2 Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS)
  • APCA Management Committee 3 Consumer Electronic Clearing System (CECS)
  • APCA Management Committee 4 High Value Clearing System (HVCS)
  • Australian Payments Council Cyber Security Task Force

APCA Working Groups

  • APCA CS2 Account Switching Operators
  • APCA Coin Management Committee
  • APCA EMV at ATMs Steering Committee
  • APCA Issuer and Acquirer Community Framework
  • APCA Capacity Planning Sub-Committee
  • APCA Data and Access Working Group
  • IAC’s ATM System Code Committee
  • IAC’s Security Code Committee

BPAY Committees

  • BPAY Management Committee
  • BPAY Marketing Committee

eftpos Scheme

  • EPAL Member Advisory Council
  • EPAL Transformation Working Group
  • EPAL Technical Steering Committee

New Payment Platform (NPP )

  • NPP Australia Ltd Board
  • NPP Program Delivery Authority (PDA)
  • NPP Design Authority (DA)
  • NPP Operational Procedures Working Group (OWG)
  • NPP Planning & Reporting Procedures Working Group (PWG)
  • NPP Industry Test Management Group (ITMG)
  • NPP Message Working Group (MWG)
  • NPP Transition to Live Group (TZLG)
  • NPP Initial Convenience Service Working Group (IWG)
  • NPP Fraud and Sanctions Committee

Other Committees and Working Groups

  • National Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Discussion Group
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Acquiring Working Group
  • eFraud Committee
  • Australasian Cards Risk Council
  • Interbank Fraud Committee
  • Visa Asia Pacific Risk Executive Council

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